The CO2 conversion area investigates processes that lead to the conversion of CO2 into chemicals and fuels.

It focuses mainly on those CO2 conversion processes in which CO2 is dissolved in a basic aqueous medium, in the form of bicarbonate or captured with amines. In this medium CO2 is much more reactive, the selectivity towards the formation of formic acid is very high and also these processes can be integrated with the capture processes saving the intermediate stages of separation and pressurization.

Ángel Martín

Chem. Eng. Full Professor

María Dolores Bermejo

Chem. Eng. Associate Professor

Fields of activity

  • Conversion of CO2 captured as bicarbonate using metals as reductants.
  • Conversion of captured CO2 with amines.
  • Use of biomass to reduce CO2.

Research services offer

  • Study of the application of biomass or metallic wastes for CO2 reduction.

Consulting services offer

  • Not available at the moment.



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Optimización de la reducción hidrotérmica de CO2 para desarrollar un proceso integrado de captura y utilización de CO2. (RTI2018-097456-B-100) Entidad financiadora:Investigadores/as responsables:Mª Dolores Bermejo Chem. Eng. Associate professorÁngel Martín Chem.…

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