Juan García Serna

biorefinery – biomass hydrolysis – hemicellulose


ORCID ID: 0000-0003-3580-9726
WoS ID: D-6725-2016
SCOPUS ID: 16047464400

My research career

Full Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Valladolid

Director of Research Production Area

Juan García Serna presented his PhD thesis in Chemical Engineering in 2005 with mention of European doctorate (University of Nottingham).

Currently, he is Full Professor in the area of Chemical Engineering of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technologies of the University of Valladolid and recently, Juan started the position of Director of Research Production Area.

Fields of expertise

  • Thermodynamics and transport phenomena of high pressure fluids
  • Formulation of natural compounds with supercritical fluids
  • Development of processes and products in the field of Bioeconomy

My activity

Teaching and professional activity

  • 2 years of experience as Process Engineer in the company Técnicas Reunidas S.A. (Madrid) 2000-2002.
  • Teaching since 2001 in Chemical Engineering, Industrial Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering Degree and Master in Chemical Engineering, as well as in PhD at UVa.
  • Co-direction of 8 doctoral theses with European/international doctoral mention.
  • Direction of more than 20 TFM, TFG and final projects.
  • Supervision of more than 10 student research projects.
  • Tutoring of more than 20 students in internships.
  • Member of tribunals in more than 10 doctoral theses (Spain, Finland and France).
  • Coordinator of 2 UVa Teaching Innovation projects: Escape Room IQ and Personal Branding and Precurriculum.
  • Participant of 1 UVa Teaching Innovation project during 3 courses: Teaching videos in Chemical Engineering and TMA.
  • Trainer in UVa teaching courses: LinkedIn, student recruitment strategies and virtual teaching initiation.
  • Trainer in courses for companies and technology centers (>100 hours).

Research activity

  • He belongs to the UVa Bioeconomy Institute (BioEcoUVa) and the Pressure Technologies Group (PressTech).
  • Director of the Consolidated Research Unit UIC-268 “High Pressure Synthesis Reactions and Green Engineering” of the Junta de Castilla y León.
  • Publication of more than 77 indexed articles (h-index=23 in 2023).
  • Postdoctoral stays in Japan (University of Nagoya), USA (University of Pittsburgh), Finland with Salvador de Madariaga 2013 fellowship (Åbo Akademi) and Portugal (Universidade Nova de Lisboa).
  • Researcher and co-principal investigator of 3 projects of the National Plan I+D+i, 1 regional and more than 10 contracts articles 83 LOU.
  • Participating researcher in European projects (SHYMAN and WineSense), national, regional and company contracts.
  • Project Evaluator of the Xunta de Galicia and Plan Nacional I+D+i.
  • Evaluator of Juan de la Cierva Training 2019 grants.
  • Main organizer of the RRB10 – Renewables, Resources and Biorefineries congress in 2014, in Valladolid.
  • Organizer of international training courses: SHYMAN Summer School (2014) and WineSense Summer School (2016).

Knowledge transfer activity

  • 2 registered patents (none currently in operation).
  • 1 registered software development, CHEMEN – Suite of process simulators in Chemical Engineering.
  • Supervisor Vivero Empresarial Award with the project “Hemicellulose” by Gianluca Gallina (2016).
  • Supervisor Disruptive Technology Award Yuzz Valladolid with the project “Sweet Green” by Gianluca Gallina (2017).
  • Supervisor of several Prometheus FunGe UVa Awards since 2016 (>8).

University management and administration activities

  • Coordinator of the Master in Chemical Engineering UVa (2016-2021).
  • Member of the Working Group for the application and monitoring of the HRS4R-UVa seal of quality in research since 2017.
  • WP8-HRS4R Coordinator “Transparency and Openness in Internal/External Communication related to research” (2020-).
  • Coordinator of Internships in the Chemical Engineering Degree (2014-2019).

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