The Biorefinery and Sustainability Area investigates the application of the processes and materials developed in the research group for energy storage. It focuses on the storage of energy in the form of hydrogen in solid or high density liquid materials, based on materials developed by supercritical fluid technology and compounds obtained in CO2 conversion processes.

Ángel Martínez

Chem. Eng. Full Professor

Fidel Mato Chaín

Chem. Eng. Associate Professor

Fields of activity

  • Hydrogen storage in metal hydrides of controlled particle size by incorporation in low weight porous aerogels.
  • Hydrogen storage in non-volatile ionic liquid solutions.
  • Hydrogen storage in liquid organic compounds: formic acid and methanol.
  • Thermodynamic and thermoeconomic analysis of processes.

Research services offer

  • Characterization of hydrogen storage materials. Measurement of release kinetics.
  • Preparation of porous supports for solid hydrogen storage materials.
  • Thermodynamic and thermoeconomic evaluation of processes.

Consulting services offer

  • Thermoeconomic analysis of processes.
  • Process energy integration.


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