Materials and new products


Obtaining materials and products based on the knowledge of the fundamentals of the production processes. Renewable materials, based on natural polymers, and products obtained from their depolymerization. Active compounds obtained from natural extracts, and their fractionation.

Our technology is available to develop final products up to the commercialization stage. Liquid and solid phase formulations, using technologies such as spray drying or emulsion formulation. Technologies that operate in moderate temperature conditions using CO2 in supercritical conditions.

Operation with pilot plants to obtain between 50 and 500 g. With TRL between 3 and 5.

Soraya Rodríguez

Chem. Eng. Associate Professor

Rafael Mato

Chem. Eng. Associate Professor

Ángel Martín

Chem. Eng. Full Professor

María José Cocero

Chem. Eng. Full Professor

Fields of activity

  • Active compounds extracted from natural biomasses. Polyphenols, natural colorants and others.
  • Formulations of active compounds to develop additives, cosmetics, agrochemicals, among others.
  • Aerogels, scaffolds, sanitary products and similar.

Research services offer

  • Development of final products. Characterization and determination of their properties.
  • Formulation of emulsions by means of a) pressurized solutions, b) ultrasound and c) Ultraturrax.
  • CO2SC extraction plants. Laboratory and pilot scale.
  • Micronization and formulation plant using PGSS (Particles from Gas Saturated Solutions).
  • SAS micronization and formulation using CO2 as antisolvent.
  • Pilot plant for obtaining aerogels.

Consulting services offer



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Understanding the role of sub and supercritical water in the valorization of crustacean waste for a new biorefinery. (PID2020-119481RA-I00) Funding entity: Principal investigator: Soraya Rodríguez Rojo Chem. Eng. Associate Professor…

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