The Process Intensification Area aims at equipment design and process conception that can lead to a drastic reduction in size or impact on sustainability, in order to produce intrinsically safer designs and achieve a reduction in capital and operating costs.

Process intensification diverges from the classical conception of design to incorporate innovative technologies that can structurally modify its development. The technologies we use are microwaves, ultrasound and supercritical water, mainly in the area of extraction of bioactive compounds from natural products.

By means of these techniques we achieve alternative, economically competitive and highly efficient processes. Apart from designing processes, we also study the equipment design and the measurement of properties.

Soraya Rodríguez

Chem. Eng. Associate Professor

Rafael Mato

Chem. Eng. Associate Professor

Danilo Cantero

Distinguished Research Fellow

María José Cocero

Chem. Eng. Full Professor

Fields of activity

  • Development of microwave assisted extraction processes.
    Development of ultrasound-assisted extraction processes.
    Study of microwave extraction processes in pilot plant.

Research services offer

  • Advice on extraction of bioactive compounds from natural products.
  • Development of extraction process conditions assisted by microwave or ultrasound. Economic study.
  • Analysis of compounds with liquid chromatography (polyphenols) and gas chromatography (essential oils).
  • Analysis of antioxidant activity.

Consulting services offer



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