and sostenibility

The Biorefinery and Sustainability Area combines experience in the development of processes based on pressurized water (subcritical and supercritical) in the treatment of biomass with sustainable engineering applied to projects and processes in Chemical Engineering.

The fundamental objective is to provide an alternative to processes and products based on raw materials of fossil origin. In the biorefinery concept we are investigating, water plays a central role, being the fundamental solvent for both hydrolysis and subsequent separation processes.

It is a versatile and very transversal area that seeks an application of knowledge to the creation of specific products, without forgetting basic research to find the fundamental principles.

Danilo Cantero

Distinguished Research Fellow

Juan García Serna

Chem. Eng. Full Professor

María José Cocero

Chem. Eng. Full Professor

Fields of activity

  • Integrated biorefinery based on water at pressure and temperature.
  • Hydrolysis of biomass in subcritical water.
  • Hydrolysis and conversion of biomass in supercritical water.
  • Pretreatment of biomass by grinding and sieving.
  • Bioproducts fractionation with membranes (ultrafiltration).
  • Drying of hydrolyzed compounds by spray drying and lyophilization.

Research services offer

  • Global study of specific biomasses in an integrated biorefinery at laboratory and pilot size:
    • Pretreatment
    • Fractionation
    • Apecific analysis
  • Preparation and formulation of bioproducts (e.g., biofilms)
  • Kinetic studies of hydrolysis in subcritical and supercritical water.
  • Design, sizing and scale-up of biorefinery processes.
  • Modeling and simulation of biorefinery processes.

Consulting services offer

  • Process sustainability analysis.
  • Biorefinery and pressurized chemical engineering processes.



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Production of bio-oils from residual biomass in continuous hydrothermal reactors. (TED2021-129837B-C42) Fast-Oils is part of the coordinated project SUGAI, which involves several research centres in Spain with the main common…

Development of Supercritical Water Reactors

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Sustainability Indexes for Industrial Processes

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